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I cannot count the number of times that I have told people how bad the Constantine was for the Christian faith. Well, today I was reading Culver’s Systematic Theology and ran across this statement. Thank you Robert for saying it so well:

“In modern times faith has been wrongfully “rationalized” and “psychologized”, just as in the medieval period it was “legalized” and ruined by the reduction to mere assent to facts.”

Culver, Robert Duncan, Systematic Theology: Biblical and Historical. Ross-shire, Great Britain: Mentor Imprint, 2005. 716.

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  • Thanks Micah, not something I would expect to read in an ST. But I agree that there is long standing, fully embraced paganism in the church (but who am I to say so?) hanging on from the days of Kid-Constantine. I often wonder how it is different than the Golden Calf at Sinai. Enjoy your book, enjoy this new year of life on earth… ate a tiny bit of ice-cream and thought of you on your day (Nov. 14)

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